The Tyler English Fitness Body Transformation Boot Camp Is Taking Your Fitness, Nutrition and Your Body to a Level Few Have Ever Seen Before...
Learn Proper Fat Loss Nutrition...Allow Us To Guide You Every Step Of The Way...Gain Access to Your OWN Personal Body Transformation Coach...In a Boot Camp That Is Designed To Do One Thing...
Get You In The Best Shape Of Your Life...

From the Desk of Tyler English:

Owner of Tyler English Fitness:
Date: 8/26/15

Dear Friend,

I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was a cold and snowing morning on January 12, 2009. It all began at 6am, I would coach the first Farmington Valley Fitness Boot Camp in a 1,000 square foot karate studio in Avon where I was renting space.

It was the beginning of Tyler English Fitness.

After working in big box gyms and health clubs over a 7-year span I consistently saw the same thing. People would join the gym with the belief that they were actually going to get in shape.

What occurred was sad…

People were never there to truly get in shape, instead the gym became a place for socialization and hanging out. Many of these people would continue to do the same things over and over again, never actually stepping out of their comfort zone or achieving real life-changing results.

What was even worse was the people who went as far as investing in personal training, they too were still left spinning their wheels.

These people who’d actually invested in their health and fitness, weren’t seeing the results they deserved.

They needed more than they were receiving…

1) These people needed more personal attention.

2) They needed an environment that delivered results.

3) They needed to learn proper fat loss nutrition.

4) They needed constant accountability and ongoing support.

I had to find a solution and I worked tirelessly to fill this gap. What I created was the program I’d always dreamed of building.

  • Not just workouts, but a program that would burn more body fat and deliver a body transformation.
  • A program combining Strength and Metabolic coaching sessions that were paramount to anything a competitor could offer.
  • Fat loss nutrition that was not only easy to follow, but sustainable and that would lead my clients to a body transformation.
  • The recovery and regeneration strategies required for longevity of joints, muscles, overall fitness and sustainable nutrition.
  • The accountability and support to deliver results, guaranteed.
And when I put all of this together?

Amazing results followed...

Richard Lost 40 Pounds
and Changed His Lifestyle
"For me this started as a challenge, but after getting into it it has definitely been a new way of life for me.  With the challenge I've lost 40 pounds and have gone off almost all of my blood pressure medication. I went from eating takeout 4 nights a week to 4 times (3 times in an all organic restaurant). I now preparing all of my own pure organic food which is a portion controlled and eaten on a set schedule. And because of this I feel better and can train at my best. While I would like to train harder, several injuries tend to hold me back. Seven knee surgeries, two shoulder surgeries, and my current shoulder tear, make it hard. But I do try to give 100% every time thank to all the encouragement and support I get at TEF. Thank you all for helping me make my life style change. Thank you Tyler for your continued support, knowledge, great facility and amazing staff. With all of your help, I have completely changed my life for the better."

- Richard Vincent
Then in 2012 something interesting started to happen in the fitness industry...

The increasing popularity of large group training, boot camps, and CrossFit saturated the market. Our future clients couldn't tell the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly.

As a fitness professional and body transformation coach it pains me to see that in the eyes of so many, every group fitness program is the same or portrayed as the same.

I'm here to tell you, this couldn't be further from the truth.

Do you remember when the daily deal site Groupon was at its peak?

I sure do, every fitness offering looked almost exactly the same.

Generally that's how we've let our future clients see us.

Personal Trainers' are all the same, so people (you) pick by price and proximity. You don't know the difference until you've actually become a client.

The majority of our clients were not, and never have been, a "Grouponer" or deal shoppers, that's not fair to call them that...

They are people who were ready for a change.

A change that didn't come easy and never comes easy...

At TEF it's always been about building a lifestyle.

Whether your goals are:

   * Lose body fat.
   * Build lean muscle. 
   * Feel better in your skin. 
   * Increase your energy. 
   * Or maybe just enjoy your life a little more… 

The solution sits inside your daily fitness and nutrition regiment.

Fitness and nutrition go hand-in-hand. I'm going to assume it's fair to say, you know this, but it's the nutrition piece that will make or break every clients success.

Our clients, who are willing to put in the work, both inside and outside the walls of TEF while coming back for more day in and day out, will achieve what 100% of our clients desire...

What's that?

90% of the clients who walk into the doors of TEF want to lose body fat...

100% of our clients desire a body transformation of some kind.
New Habits, Smaller Clothes,
For a Mother of 4
"Bring on 40! Participating in this challenge has taught me to look at the whole picture. Ironically the process is made up of small lifestyle changes. When I reflect back, I am so thankful that I listened. I took pictures, recorded measurements, planned my meals, participated in the facebook group, asked questions, and showed up at TEF. It has been so rewarding to look back at all the pictures and recorded measurements, even more rewarding to fit into smaller sized clothing. I am going to continue these new habits as I push to make it to my fitness goals. Nutrition and fitness has become such a large part of my life now, I could not be happier!"

- Lori Segar
We want you, our future clients, to learn the power of making the commitment to your training and nutrition while giving yourself time to achieve your goals. You need to understand:

     1. The importance of proper nutrition.
     2. That your body and your lifestyle are unique.
     3. How to make both fitness and nutrition work for you.

Your body transformation should be individualized...

   * Did you know that you are unique?
   * That an arbitrary meal plan isn't proper fat loss nutrition?
   * That a one-size fits all training program isn't for everyone?

Has anyone ever told you these body transformation truths?

   * Your metabolism is different.
   * Your ability to gain or lose body fat is different.
   * How your daily nutrition should look is different.

As different as you all are, the same equation will work for everyone...

When it's individualized for YOUR needs...
In fact, it has been proven that metabolic training burns more body fat than traditional cardio! (Heck, some of our clients have reported burning over 1,000 calories in a single session!)

But metabolic resistance training coupled with metabolic conditioning and proper nutrition needs to be done right. It needs to be done in a smart, systematic, and safe environment...

Exercise without proper nutrition will NOT lead to results...

Now, I won't bore you with all the details here, but to get maximum results you have to have the right combination of metabolic training, supportive nutrition and adequate recovery and regeneration.

Only with the correct combination of all three components of an effective training program will you see the results you're looking for. You know, the kind that makes your friends ask...

"What have you been doing lately?  You look incredible!"
New Mom, New Body, Getting
Better As Life Changes
"No matter what challenges life may bring, TEF is an important constant in my life. I have learned over the last six years that the more I put in the more I get out. Whether it is from the coaches or the friends I have made who push me to limits I didn't know were possible. I have met people through TEF who support me both in the gym and outside. For me it is about the people and TEF attracts some of the hardest working, supportive and most motivating people I know."

- Margi Jakubowski
TEF Body Transformation Boot Camp
Available in all 3 of our locations:

Canton, Vernon and West Hartford
  • A Personal Body Transformation Boot Camp Coach
  • Small Group Setting (LIMITED to 12 Clients Per Location)
  • Individualized Fat Loss Nutrition Plan (designed for YOU!)
  • Specialty Boot Camp Training Sessions Each Week With Your Coach and Fellow Boot Campers (these sessions are different every week, offered at the designated times to Boot Campers ONLY and will deliver new exciting challenges each week topped off with your own Metabolic Conditioning Finishers!)
  • A Sweet After Party to Celebrate Everyone's Body Transformation Success!

TEF-Canton Body Transformation Boot Camp:

  • Personal Success Session - $79 value
  • Personal Nutrition Consult - $79 value
  • BTC Pre Boot Camp Workshop with the TEF Team - $99 value
  • 3 Specialty BTC Boot Camp Classes per week - $549 value  (Tu, Th at 5:45am, Saturday at 9:30am)
  • Unlimited SGC Membership (includes access to MGC) - $449 value
  • TEF Macronutrient Guidebook - $79 value
  • Unlimited email and online support - $299 value
  • Nutritional Education and Coaching emails - $249 value
  • Private TEF Coach for 6 weeks - #priceless
  • Creating a Boot Camp for Life Workshop - $99 value

ONLY 12 4 Spots Available

"Thanks to my son John Lembo I joined TEF to get better and no let degenerative disc disease and rheumatoid arthritis dictate my life anymore - thank you Tyler English for creating workouts for me and helping me develop physically and emotionally into a powerlifter and bodybuilder. Special thanks to the TEF Team and #TEFcommunity who always encourage me to do more and do it better! And huge thanks to my biggest chearleader my son Johnny Lembo for saying to me last summer - you can totally do this Mom! This has been the best year of my life - I started last year at age 50, it's never too late to try!"

- Karyl Beloin

TEF-Vernon Body Transformation Bootcamp:
  • Personal Success Session - $79 value
  • Personal Nutrition Consult - $79 value
  • BTC Pre Boot Camp Workshop with the TEF Team - $99 value
  • 3 Specialty BTC Boot Camp Classes per week - $549 value (Tu, Th at 6:15am, Saturday at 7:30am)
  • Unlimited MGC Membership - $249 value
  • TEF Macronutrient Guidebook - $79 value
  • Unlimited email and online support - $299 value
  • Nutritional Education and Coaching emails - $249 value
  • Private TEF Coach for 6 weeks - #priceless
  • Creating a Boot Camp for Life Workshop - $99 value

ONLY 12 6 Spots Available  

Reversed The Aging Process
While Losing 26 Pounds
"Living with the everyday life's stressors such as work, financial, family obligations, and more is so common for me. Eating whenever a moment allowed in that hectic day was completely erratic, often in 1 hour or more increments. A quick stop at McDonalds or Wendy's were my habits. Exercising and working out were a novelty that typically was put aside to the typical obligations. My weight just continued to increase while my strength diminished. I often thought that getting older was a means to accept the changes that I had become accustomed to.

There was something inside of me that knew that was not true and that I was simply rationalizing for something that had happened; my eating habits were horrible, I was never exercising, and was completely exhausted. I had gained weight. A change was needed and I believed that there was a program somewhere out there to guide and educate me with that transformation. I realized by just joining a gym without proper instruction and education would significantly lower my changes of success. I had to become the persona that I truly wanted to be. I did not know how to make that transformation and began to search and, through my daughter, Kristy, found Tyler English Fitness.

Admittedly the first week was an exhausting experience as I entered my transformation. There was comfort in knowing that I was not alone. In fact, there was a whole group that had the same focus. Meeting a really amazing and very professional coaching staff was just the beginning of building some really healthy bonds in the organization.

Tyler English Fitness has guided me in identifying what I need to do on a regular basis from hydration to eating and working out so efficiently. Tyler English Fitness has shown me that not only is this a transformation but a lifestyle. Eating more regularly and how to prepare those meals for the hectic days is valuable to me. Everyone at work is asking about all these healthy meals I now bring to work.

I am very excited to continue with my family and friends at Tyler English Fitness and I thank you for offering the services and support to continue with my transformation and lifestyle changes. I am very much looking forward to enjoying all of the benefits of the new me."

- Patrick Rider

TEF-WEST Body Transformation Bootcamp:
  • Personal Success Session - $79 value
  • Personal Nutrition Consult - $79 value
  • BTC Pre Boot Camp Workshop with the TEF Team - $99 value
  • 2 Specialty BTC Boot Camp Classes per week - $399 value (Tuesday at 7:15pm, Saturday at 7:30am)
  • Unlimited MGC Membership - $249 value
  • TEF Macronutrient Guidebook - $79 value
  • Unlimited email and online support - $299 value
  • Nutritional Education and Coaching emails - $249 value
  • Private TEF Coach for 6 weeks - #priceless
  • Creating a Boot Camp for Life Workshop - $99 value

ONLY 12 3 Spots Available

The 19 Pounds She Lost Are
Just The Beginning
"It's hard to believe that I first walked into TEF for their challenge last year. I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I did that but I sure am glad that I didn't get scared off after the first class. TEF always has a tough routine and while you can use the same exercises the program is always different. In the last challenge I have accomplished a lot with my nutrition, my strength, and my self-esteem. I have always been the biggest one in my family or within my group of girlfriends and I always blamed it on being big boned or athletic. Well today I am proud of how I look and I know my strength will continue to grow; this transformation was harder than the last because I found myself faced with many temptations. Of course you don't want to give up your entire lifestyle because that's realistic but I was able to adapt my social habits with friends on the weekend so that I could work hard in the gym and still play hard with friends. At TEF you really can have it all as long as you put in the effort and for me that effort was really inspired by some of the coaches that I have come to know during my time at TEF. The coaches were constantly pushing me because they knew I could do more they knew I could achieve my goals. Did you know my first day at TEF I had to use a band attached to the TRX to help me do a modified push up; how embarrassing. But as I know knock out a few real push-ups during the workouts I am so proud of how far I have come and know I won't stop there; I am done being the big girl and I am happy I'm on the path to getting better for me this challenge can not end it has to go on."

- Deanna Siroonian

But wait...

There is MORE!

  • Before and After Picture Contest (that's right, one lucky person inside the Body Transformation Boot Camp will win back their registration! Voted on by #TEFcommunity!)
  • Special Discounts at American Nutrition Center (ANC), New Balance Avon and South Windsor and more to enhance your Body Transformation Boot Camp experience!
  • Easy and Flexible Scheduling
  • Private Facebook online community with fellow Boot Campers!
  • Boot Camp AFTER PARTY and Graduation!

Over the next 42-Days (that's 6 weeks of heart-pounding, muscle pumping, fat burning workouts, coupled with fat loss nutrition and flexible dieting principles!) we will give you the knowledge you need, support you every step of the way, and kick your butt into the best shape of your life!

But don't forget...

We can only accept the first 12 extremely dedicated and committed people looking for a life-changing experience...

That is ONLY 12 per Boot Camp location!

So don't delay...

It's time to get better and get in the best shape of your life with the Best Independent Gym in America.

Work Hard, Train Hard, Get Better,

Tyler English

PS - Early registration is only available for 7 days, then the price goes up $100 on September 2, 2015.

PPS - September 14 (the big start!) will be here before you know it, don't miss out on making the commitment to getting better. Just show up, we've got everything else covered!
We guarantee it!

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